Winter Soccer Training for Soccer Teams

Team Training for Teams of 8+ Players

soccer training for teams

GenderBoys & Girls
Skill LevelAll

A 7+ week session designed to teach the players (8 player minimum) on your team how to work together and function in a team environment. These clinics focus on technical ball skills to help master the ball as well as tactical decision making in order for the players to be most effective on the field as a team.

An agility ladder will also be used to improve individual footwork, strength, speed, balance, coordination and conditioning.

Players must always bring a ball, shin guards and water to every class.

Training can be scheduled at your convenience by contacting

Session 1: 11/4/14 - 12/18/14, Session 2: 1/6/15 – 2/20/15, Session 3: 3/3/15 – 4/17/15

Hudson, Tabernacle Church5:30pm: 7-10 yrs FUTSAL
6:30pm: 11-14 yrs FUTSAL
Derry-SportsZone5pm: 5-6 yrs. FUTSAL
5pm: 7-9 yrs. FUTSAL
6pm: 10-13 yrs. FUTSAL
Hampshire Dome5pm: 10-15 yrs. SHOOTING/FINISHING (Session 1&2 Only)5pm: 4-6 yrs. SKILLS on TURF (Session 1&2 Only)
5pm: 10-15 yrs. GOALIE TRAINING (Session 1&2 Only)5pm: 7-9 yrs. SKILLS on TURF (Session 1&2 Only)
5pm: 13-15 yrs. ADVANCED SKILLS ON TURF (Session 1&2 Only)5pm: 10-12 yrs. SKILLS on TURF (Session 1&2 Only)
Nashua Sports Academy5pm: 4-6 yrs. SKILLS on TURF5pm: 10-15 yrs. SHOOTING/FINISHING 5pm: 7-9 yrs. FUTSAL10am: 4-6 yrs. SKILLS ON TURF
5pm: 7-9 yrs. SKILLS on TURF6pm: 10-13 yrs. FUTSAL11am: 7-9 yrs. SKILLS ON TURF
6pm: 10-12 yrs. SKILLS on TURF
6pm: 13-15 yrs. SKILLS on TURF